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In less than a year you will be trained in the basic hands on skills, safety requirements and judgements, professional work habits, business building skills, and professional attitudes necessary to obtain licensure and for competency in job entry-level positions in Cosmetology or a related career field.


2024 Course Start Dates

08 January     08 July

12 February   16 September 

18 March        22 October

22 April          02 December

03 June

Esthetician Course Description:

The State of Illinois requires 750 hours of training whichtakes approximately 6 months full-time. Students start at Freshman level where they learn basic theory and practicalskills. After successful completion of this level, studentsgraduate to working with live clients in our clinic. All work is monitored by a licensed instructor. The skills learnedthroughout the program will prepare students to take theState Board Exam and to obtain an entry-level position. 


Esthetician Instructor 500 Hours:

The State of Illinois requires Cosmetologists, with two years’ experience, wishing to obtain the Instructor license to take 500 hours of training which takes approximately five (5) months to complete on a full-time schedule. The course is designed to teach the methods and principles of teaching. Upon completion students will be prepared to take the State Board Exam to acquire the Instructor license. Instructor program starts are considered case-by-case.

What Does a Esthetician Do?


An esthetician is a licensed skincare specialist with training in a wide variety of procedures that effectively performs a range of skin treatments and services in a spa or salon.

Objectives in Esthetician



Business Technique
Project Professionalism
Communicate Effectively
Project a positive attitude

Sense of personal integrity

and self-confidence 
Perform The Analytical Skills

to Advise Clients
Perform the skills in the areas

of hair care services,

skin, makeup, and nail care. 

Career Opportunities:


Estheticians have the flexibility of choosing where they work, their hours, and more, depending on where their career takes them. Potential careers for estheticians include:

Brow Coloring and Lamination
Custom Skincare Recommendations
Esthetician Instructor
Hair Removal (Waxing or Sugaring)
Lash Coloring and Lifting
Make-up Technician Platform Artist
Product Ambassador
Spa Esthetician
Spa Manager or Owner
Skin Mapping
Skin Treatments
Waxing Specialist


Must Have For Enrollment


16 years of age


High School Diploma

GED Certificate

Home School Certificate


Driver’s License

State ID

Social Security Card


Two Letters of Recommendation


“Why would like to join the program and pursue a career in this industry and I see myself in five years…”

$100 Registration Fee

Tution Cost

Tuition – Esthetician

[Full 1500 Hour Course]

$100       Registration Fee

$300       Uniforms

$1,600    Book and Kit Fee  

$8,250    Tuition

$10,250   Total

Be The Exception


Q: How do I schedule a tour of Reflections Academy of Beauty?
A: You can schedule a tour of Reflections Academy of Beauty by calling or emailing. 217-425-9117


Q: What courses are offered at Reflections Academy of Beauty?
A: Reflections Academy of Beauty offers a variety of courses ranging from beginner to advanced, including cosmetology, makeup artistry, hair styling and more. For information on our courses, please visit Student Training in Esthetics, Cosmetology, Barber and an Instructor.

Q: Are there any prerequisites for enrolling at Reflections Academy of Beauty?
A: Yes, all students must have a high school diploma or equivalent in order to enroll at Reflections Academy of Beauty. 

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