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 I am Rebecca Wright aka "Riki". I am the owner and an Educator/Instructor of Reflections Academy of Beauty. I started out just where you are. Making a decision about my life's direction. I decided to do hair, graduated, immediately started working as a stylist. But my ambition didn't stop there, I took a bold move and started my own salon, Positive Reflections was born. In the back of a nail salon I rented out a small room with one chair. Still my entrepreneurial side kept me growing. My business needed to expand, so I rented out a larger space in another building and began renting out chairs to others who wanted their own businesses too.  Soon, I was growing again and this time bought a building of my own. Again my business grew. More chairs, and more booth renters.

My passion to do hair just wasn't cutting it anymore. (no pun intended) I wanted to give back and make real changes in peoples lives. Helping people to have a either a start or a fresh start. And that is when I decided to take the real plunge and open up my own beauty school. Giving back to the community through affordable hair services all the while helping students to gain confidence in their abilities to achieve beauty in the world. This is why I am excited that you have chosen to explore this opportunity. Come on let's get started!

                            to your new and exciting future, we are so glad you are here....

Rebecca 'Riki' Wright

Reflections Academy of Beauty was founded by like-minded educators, all of whom are determined to nurture the industry’s next generation of professionals. We’re thrilled to present some of our team members. 
Meet Our Team

Your future is in your hands

Shelby Stadler - Educator

Shelby Stadler


Jamie Horve - Admissions

Jamie Horve


LaShawn Franklin - Educator

LaShawn Franklin


Hannah Walker - Administrator

Hannah Walker

Financial Coordinator

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